Sunday, May 29, 2022

The arrival of an apport!

ShivaMany glowing reports have been written about the physical mediumship of Kai Muegge by more eminent sitters than myself since he started demonstrating publicly, but as I was the lucky recipient of an apport during one of his séances last year, I thought I’d write a bit about the experience.

The séance took place during a week of trance and physical mediumship hosted by the Gordon Higginson Fellowship in Eastbourne during September 2012, where 3 physical mediums Scott Milligan, Bill Meadows and Kai Muegge each demonstrated their unique style of mediumship. The conference attendees had been divided into 3 groups of around 30 – 40 people in each, and alongside other lectures and demos, each group had the opportunity to sit in a séance with each physical medium. It was a wonderful 5 days for anyone interested in trance and physical mediumship, and such a rare treat to sit in 3 séances in such a short space of time, let alone with 3 separate mediums and their spirit teams!

However, the highlight of the week for me was the gift of an apport courtesy of Kai’s mediumship and that of his spirit team. On the morning that my group was due to sit with Kai, my partner, Paul Barker, and me saw him eating his breakfast in the dining room and decided to have a sneaky peak over Kai’s shoulder to see if physical mediums eat anything different from the rest of us! Just as we were leaving, Kai asked me if I would consider sitting next to him during the séance to take part in the 4 limb control (see this explained in full further down). I said I would be delighted and he looked at me very quizzically as if he didn’t believe me, before explaining that often the people closest to the medium did not get touched by the entities in his séances. Was he kidding? To sit next to the medium during the séance and witness everything “close up and personal” was an opportunity not to be missed! So I reassured him I would be honoured to do it.

I first became aware of Kai’s mediumship via Robin Foy’s PM4U internet forum and both Paul and I sat with him in his own séance room in Germany during September 2010, a report about which can also be found on this site. We also saw Kai again whilst he was demonstrating in Kent during April 2012 so we had met him on 2 separate occasions before the Eastbourne sitting. Not only is Kai’s clothing searched prior to his séances but he allows witnesses to examine him stripped, and this was also the case in Eastbourne. Initially during the group’s pre-séance briefing, Kai asked Paul if he would be willing to undertake the strip search as he obviously wanted to be with someone he felt comfortable with in such a vulnerable condition. But to prevent any accusations of collusion that may arise due to the fact they had met previously, Paul suggested that another member of our group, Terry Tasker, a medium and tutor at the conference should be asked, Kai agreed and Terry accepted the role.

Volunteers from the group were asked to accompany Julia, Kai’s wife, to the séance room to undertake a thorough search of the room, the cabinet and equipment therein. Terry accompanied Kai to a separate room to be searched, as the sitters were patted down and then scanned with a metal detector by members of the GHF team, prior to being shown to their seats in the séance room. The volunteers who had searched the room declared they had carried out an intensive search and found nothing unexpected, unexplained or unusual. One even said she had laid on the floor with her head under the sitters’ chairs to make sure nothing was hidden anywhere!

Julia then explained to me the 4 limb control procedure which was to take place when Hans Bender, Kai’s guide, gave the instruction. As I was seated on Kai’s left hand side, I was to hold his left hand with my right hand, hold his left leg with my left hand, and keep my left foot against Kai’s left foot. She also explained that from time to time I would be asked to confirm that she was still holding the medium on his right hand side and had not left her seat, by reaching across in front of Kai’s body and finding where her hands were placed. I was also told to announce my findings to the rest of the sitters. When I wasn’t holding the medium in 4 limb control, I was holding hands with the sitter to my left, who held my left leg and shoulder at the times I was holding Kai and announced that to the others. The sitter to Julia’s right also did the same, the remaining sitters also held hands, so then everyone was touching people either side of them in the room and could be confident that no one was free to walk around the room during periods of darkness.

When everyone had taken their seats, Terry escorted Kai to the séance room. Kai carried his hands above his head in clear view so he could not be accused of picking anything up en route to the séance room, and took his seat in the cabinet. Terry confirmed that Kai had nothing secreted in his clothes or on his person prior to the séance commencing, the door was locked, and the red light extinguished.

Hans Bender gave the instruction for the 4 limb control to take place during times when phenomena was being witnessed by sitters, to ensure they were confident that it was not being manufactured by Kai. I am not going to go into great detail about the phenomena that took place during the séance as Kai’s work can be read in detail here: < a href=””> but some of what we were fortunate enough to witness during the demonstration was trumpet levitation, spirit lights and spirit fingers on the luminous plaque. I remember the first time Hans issued the instruction for Kai to be held in 4 limb control, that it felt quite weird to be reaching out with my hands to feel for him in the dark, having always been told in other mediums’ séances to keep arms and legs in at all times! Fortunately he was right there next to me, so he was very easy to find! Julia was always in her seat and holding Kai when Hans asked me to reach across him to check, and the sitters either side of both me and Julia regularly confirmed to the others that we were still in our seats. After one of the many occasions that I had checked Kai’s position and announced it to the room, Hans thanked me and said that he and the spirit team were going to try to do something for me later.

We all witnessed several fantastic demonstrations of ectoplasm in red light, with Kai clearly visible in his chair. On Hans Bender’s instruction the cabinet curtains were pulled back by Julia and me and held open for a slow count of 5 so that sitters could see the ectoplasm emanating from Kai’s mouth in copious amounts down in front of his body towards the floor. On more than one occasion the ectoplasm had piled on the floor, completely separate from Kai, and I could see it throb and pulse with a life force of its own. Areas of it appeared to be twitching and then part of it rose up and a hand and arm shape appeared up out of it, waggling its fingers as if waving to the sitters, with the fingers moving completely independently of each other. On the final display the ectoplasm was seen to be piled on the floor and then rose up in a column, and continued to rise above Kai’s head almost reaching the front top edge of the cabinet, probably about 6 feet in height. Kai was clearly visible in the red light, still seated in his chair, throughout these displays. From my place right beside him, I had the perfect view and could clearly see everything that was taking place, as well as observing that Kai’s hands and feet were visible and at rest during the exhibitions of these stunning phenomena.

As the séance drew to a close, Hans asked that the red light be turned on and the medium be held in 4 limb control. Kai started to breathe rapidly and was squeezing my right hand which was holding his left very tightly indeed. Then, all of a sudden, while the red light was still turned on, 4 limb control still in place, and all sitters were holding the sitter next to them, I saw something fall from mid-air from above and in front of Kai, as did the other sitters close by, and heard it hit the floor. Hans announced it was a thank you present for my help and as Kai was coming back from his trance, I reached down and found a small Indian goddess style statue, which now takes pride of place on my mantelpiece. I kept checking it was still there for the first few weeks just in case spirit took it back, which I am relieved to say they haven’t!

What a wonderful end to a fabulous séance, with my grateful thanks to Kai for inviting me to be part of the team for the afternoon and to witness, first hand, such amazing phenomena courtesy of Hans Bender and the FEG team spirit side, and to be able to validate its authenticity from a first class vantage point.

Donna James