Sunday, May 29, 2022

Bill Meadows at York Spiritualist Church

Here is a report about the Bill Meadows Physical Séance at York Spiritualist Centre on 14th September 2006 taken from the archives but still relevant today.

Bill Meadows and his circle held their first séance in York Spiritualist Centre on September 14th 2006 as part of a weekend of events under the umbrella of the Zerdin Fellowship. Having previously heard that Bill’s mediumship does not use ectoplasm, I was excitedly looking forward to the evening’s events and I was not disappointed!

After the customary searches had taken place, the medium was tied into his chair using velcro straps and the cabinet curtain was pulled across in front of him. To the left of the cabinet was a small, empty bookcase with a trumpet and plaque on the top, both of which had luminosity to them. The white lights were extinguished, a red light was lit and an opening prayer was offered by Monique the circle leader. Unusually for a physical séance, the red light was left illuminated while the sitters started singing along to old favourite songs from yester year.

The first communicator was a young girl called Marie whose sense of fun put a smile on everyone’s face! After welcoming some sitters who she had met on previous occasions, she acted as a “medium” by passing on messages from the Spirit world to one of the sitters.

Jonathan from Bill’s Spirit team was next to speak, and he initially addressed Monique with his familiar greeting “ma cherie”, in her native French language. On surveying the room however, Jonathan remarked that there were plenty of “ma cherie” for him to choose from! He asked for music and then Marie invited someone to check the medium and it was confirmed that he was still secure.

More music was played and then the cabinet curtain billowed forwards into the room, appearing as if to be pushed from both the left front and right front sides of the cabinet. This phenomena was demonstrated several times throughout the duration of the séance with the red light still lit. The curtain appeared to be draped around figures inside the cabinet, some of the figures small in stature like children and others taller akin to adult size.

Father James from the circle Spirit side also introduced himself and asked for understanding from the sitters to realise that the séance was an experiment, before he withdrew. Marie asked for music to be played, and quite unexpectedly we all witnessed the bookcase slide, as if it were on invisible castors, from its place next to the cabinet, finishing up in front of the cabinet curtains. Again, this took place in red light, and was made even more incredible when the sitter next to the cabinet was asked to move it back to its position in front of the wall. Everyone saw how awkward it was and how long it took, to drag the bookcase back across the floor to its original starting place using a human hand.

Marie returned to produce another amazing feat of physical phenomena. Sitters soon noticed that the cabinet curtain was lifting up from the bottom, and the medium’s feet, dressed in white socks, were in clear view. His knees came next into view and as the curtain rose higher still, Marie asked if Bill’s hands could be seen. The answer was yes, but she was disappointed to discover that sitters couldn’t see the straps on his arms securing him to the chair as they were still covered by the curtain. Marie then told us that she would try again and after a brief pause, the curtain started to lift once more. This time she managed to lift it right up over his hands, and high enough for everyone to see that the straps on his arms were still in position.

After inviting another sitter to check the medium was secured to his chair Marie asked for the red light to be extinguished. A fantastic display of trumpet phenomena followed, the trumpet was knocking the ceiling as well as floating around the room, stopping in front of people as if looking at them, and tapping sitters on the head!

The temperature in the séance room was incredibly high due to the compact nature of the room combined with the body heat of the sitters and added to the fact that the weather was unusually warm. Monique asked if the Spirit team could bring some breezes to make everyone more comfortable and they duly obliged. A refreshing cool breeze could be felt blowing across sitters in the front row for a short time!

At Marie’s request, more music was played and the illuminated plaque began to float around the room. There were some sitters towards the back who hadn’t managed to see this, so Marie was asked to repeat the phenomena. The plaque took off once more, this time it lifted much higher so it was easier for all to see. Sitters soon noticed that fingers were visible on the plaque, and they were moving along it as if playing the piano in time to the music! Monique asked whose fingers we had seen, and Marie replied they were Jonathan’s. Jonathan then said “you didn’t know I could play the piano did you”, much to everyone’s amusement!

Colleen, Bill’s wife, asked Marie if there was enough energy left to enable the Spirit team to manipulate the plaque and offer it to one of the sitters. Marie said they would try, and she gave permission for any sitter who the plaque drew close to, to reach out and take it. The plaque rose up and floated tantalisingly in front of the sitters, but not quite close enough for anyone to be able to take without moving from their seat! Marie joked that she had been teasing everyone, but then the plaque drew close enough for one lady to reach out and take it. The lady was then asked to hold the plaque out at arms length, and it was taken from her and placed back on the book case.

Father James returned and said he hoped to be able to throw open the floor to questions on another occasion, but this time he invited just one. Eric asked about the energy being used and commented on the red light shining into the cabinet. Father James replied that the Spirit team do prefer darker conditions, but they also want sitters to be able to see what’s happening. He explained that 50% of the energy used comes from the medium, and that the rest is extracted from the sitters. He went on to thank everyone for the help their energies had given.

With the red light on once more, Marie lifted the cabinet curtain again, revealing the medium in his chair. She continued to speak to everyone throughout and lifted the curtain right up so that Bill’s hands and the straps restraining his arms could be clearly seen.

A big thank you to Bill and Colleen Meadows, Monique and the other circle members, as well as the Spirit team, Marie, Jonathan, Father James, Marie’s sisters, Ralph and Sadiq without whom, we wouldn’t have enjoyed such a wonderful evening in close contact with the world of Spirit. Here’s hoping it was just one of many more to come in their company.