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Posted by admin on January 1, 2016

Far from being relegated to the history books, physical mediumship is very much alive and well today.  There is a sad lack of publicly demonstrating physical mediums in the UK but we musn’t forget the quietly run home circles where 100′s of mediums and sitters are diligently working with their Spirit controls and developing their gifts in pursuit of physical phenomena.

Physical Mediumship articles that have previously appeared on the old version of this website will be uploaded periodically for posterity. Current relevant information will also be posted as well as interesting general spirit world articles.

Some words of encouragement from Silver Birch, hope you enjoy the following excerpt from “When Nothing Happens”, taken from the “Teachings of Silver Birch” edited by A W Austen.

“No time that is spent in the desire for spiritual attainment is ever wasted. You wait very patiently, I know, but I want you to realize that great progress continues all the time. The bonds of unity between us are being strengthened and there is a quickening in the perceptions of your own soul powers. Growth, unfoldment and evolution are taking place all the time.”Read more…