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title pic José Medrado At Gordon Higginson Fellowship

Posted by admin on September 25, 2012

On Thursday 20th September Brazilian psychic artist José Medrado demonstrated his amazing gift at the Gordon Higginson Fellowship Trance & Physical mediumship course held in Eastbourne. José is well-known for his workshops and the speed in which amazing oil paintings are produced by various spirit helpers. The paintings took on average around 5-6 minutes to produce and were later auctioned raising around £5000 for Jose’s charitable projects including a Childrens’ Orphanage in Brazil.

“José started painting mediumisticly at the age of 27, when the spirit Renoir came up to him and proposed to jointly undertake a work which would “change paint into bread”.

At first, Medrado was reluctant to accept that idea as he had never taken any painting course and was not acquainted with art. The proposal, however, was “turning him into a living brush” in order to raise funds for the orphanage supported by the Spiritist Center, which was going through financial problems at that time.

Though his first sketches were non-encouraging, Medrado went on trying. After his first frustrating tries, on the evening of December 20th, 1988, while listening to Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, the spirit Van Gogh, using the medium, portrayed the German composer who had lived a hundred years before the Dutch painter. This was the turning point which launched Medrado into the mediumistic art world in Bahia, as well as in Brazil and abroad.”  Read more here:

Some of the amazing paintings produced by Medrado in Eastbourne: