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title pic The Acacia Centre for Spiritual Awareness and Healing in Murcia, Spain

Posted by admin on May 2, 2012

Rob & Barbara McLernon

Rob & Barbara McLernon

The Acacia Centre for spiritual awareness and healing is located near Murcia in Spain. It was founded by Barbara and Robert McLernon in November, 2008, with the principal objective of creating a beautiful environment in which guests could develop, and receive expert training, in all aspects of spiritual mediumship and healing. The Centre is still in its very early stages but is developing rapidly.

Robert McLernon’s career began in nursing but, when diagnosed with the incurable conditions of ankylosing spondylitis and osteoporosis, he looked into the arena of alternative, or complementary, therapies. After an intense, and costly, period of study and training, he qualified in the fields of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP, Radionics, Nutrition, Spiritual Healing, Massage and, in particular, the truly remarkable McLernon Technique of gentle soft-tissue massage.

Found to be intolerant of certain foods, Robert embarked on an in-depth study of “Food Intolerance” which, incredibly, led to his curing himself of the “incurable” conditions that had ended his nursing career. He also developed as a spiritualist medium so, with this amazing gift, he began to offer evidence of our survival beyond the grave. Robert soon became a working medium doing public demonstrations and private consultations.

Barbara visited Robert’s clinic for tennis elbow treatment and was cured in only one session. He later discovered, and cured, a problem with her coccyx (the result of a long-forgotten fall) and she was tested for food intolerance. They quickly found a lot in-common and really began to “hit it off”.

Neither looked for a relationship but they inevitably married. Barbara complements Robert’s numerous healing skills to perfection. Like him, she is a hard worker and naturally compassionate, but she is also much-accomplished in business administration and property management.

The Acacia Centre is a haven of peace, light, and tranquility. Visitors can usually sense this and visiting mediums frequently comment on the remarkable spiritual energy they feel as they seek to prove our survival of physical death.
There are courses available in mediumship, spiritual healing, and meditation as well as workshops and courses with visiting mediums. To find out more visit The Acacia Centre’s Website here: