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title pic Ectoplasm Examined in White Light – FEG Physical Mediumship Seance

Posted by admin on February 17, 2012

It seems that history is in the making judging by this report from an FEG Physical Mediumship Seance held in Spain earlier this month. I know many of us in the Physical Mediumship movement have been waiting for the day when one of our Physical Mediums develops to the level whereby phenomena can be witnessed in more strongly lit conditions and it looks like that is starting to take place with the physical mediumship of Kai Muegge from the Felix Experimental Group based in Germany.

One of the sitters (Dr N. R.) writes:

‘I was privileged to be one of the attendees at the conference. The classes by Robin Foy, Rob McLernon, and Kai Meugge were extremely interesting and informative. I was fortunate to attend all 3 of the séances with Kai that were offered during the week. Each one was remarkable but the last one was especially significant for me. The Spirit scientist Hans Bender was the master of ceremonies, and produced remarkable displays of ectoplasm with the help of the FEG spirit team at each session.
At the last session we were actually able to see the face of Dr. Bender formed in the ectoplasm, which was illuminated for us by a WHITE light from a flashlight! (The British word for this is “torch”.) Read more here: