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title pic Bill Meadows in Basle

Posted by admin on October 4, 2010

Biologist and Author Dr M Mnahm Reports an Amazing Sitting with Physical Medium Bill Meadows In Basle, Sept 2010.

(Report written from a collection of notes compiled on the 10.09.2010 after the sitting and from recollections on the 11.-13.09.2010)

Bill was accompanied by his wife Coleen and his brother Chris. They are maintaining a home circle for already 17 years, at present with a forth member who wasn’t able to join them on their trip to Basel, Monica. If I remember correctly, the circle members have started giving public demonstrations three years ago. I estimate they are all about 70 years, but I am bad in guessing people’s age. They were very friendly and kind persons. In the audience were 35 guests.

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