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title pic Psychic News to close?

Posted by admin on July 12, 2010

I received an email here yesterday with some unsettling news – see below.  Under Sue Farrow’s leadership, the PN has started including items about Physical Mediumship and also is hosting a day devoted to the subject later in the year.  To see all that disappear along with the paper would be an absolute shame.

Let’s hope it is just a rumour and all turns to nothing.

Email received as follows:-

Have you heard the rumour that is doing the rounds?
It appears that the SNU is trying to shut down Psychic News!
Apparently it has, in common with all newspapers, struggled during the recession.
The strange part is that it seems considerable funds have been offered to support the paper but the SNU has turned them all down.
I wonder why ?
If this was to happen (and the rumour says that it will) then it would be a terrible day for Spiritualism. In fact, the very thought defies understanding and belief.  Maurice Barbanell, together with all the people who, down the years, kept the paper afloat as the movement’s mouthpiece will be astonished to say the least.
Whilst I sincerely hope that the rumour is unfounded – I regret to say that there appears to be rather more than a grain of truth in it, and within a matter of weeks, PN (the movements link pin) will be no more.
If its demise is imminent then – shame on those who will perform the dirty deed.