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title pic Montcabirol Circle Films Ectoplasm

Posted by admin on May 18, 2010

After having taken a break from the physical mediumship scene for a while, it is wholeheartedly encouraging to see what great developments are taking place in circles all around the world.

From the video’s uploader: “Even though the some weeks ago published Materialisation-Film from Montcabirol aroused many discussions, their filming approach was a historical attempt!
It was clear, that a short film clip cannot prove the materialisation phenomenon, but neithermore it also doesn’t prove the contrary.
It simply was an important impulse for the cognition of the public, that has to be prepared that the new Generation of Physical Mediumship Groups and Mediums will provide more material in the future, that probably will bewilder some.

Outcome of the first discussions for example is, that the group this time filmed the cable bound medium seconds before the exposure of the hand happens. One can see the plastic cable binds that cannot be opened but only cut through with a loud noise.

Moreover after the exposure the control of the bindings was also filmed seconds after the exposure. Unfortunately the filmer touched the knob and for a second the camera went out, what sceptical viewers will consider as suspicious!

We have to understand, before judging, that it is not possible to film everyday. There have to be breaks between the filming sessions.
So the learning processes out of the first attempts will take a bit of time. The experimenters will learn more and more and if we support them – on the horizon I see the possibility to film even Full Materialisation maybe somewhen in the future!

We also have to give respect for the circle to position themselves in the lines of fire to bring a truth forward. Materialisation IS happening!”